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The Batman

Who here likes the show "The Batman?" I thought it was pretty cool. What happened to yen though?
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Jason Todd

Weird question, but was Jason's death announced to the public? or did they just make up some excuse and say he was sent to boarding school? idk where the thought came from but I really want to know now

  • Excuse (if so can you tell me what it was?)
  • yea they told the public (and what did they say?)
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Batman/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Batman/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover needs a video game and animated movie or a TV series on Netflix
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Batman and Alfred

Does anybody else realize that Batman wouldn't be anywhere without his butler? Him without Alfred is Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson, without his muscles. It doesn't get anywhere. I would like to take the time to acknowledge what Alfred has done for Bruce, please. I don't know how to pick random pictures and upload them here, so here is my picture.
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Do any of you guys have good riddler riddles that you would like to share, I would like to try and solve them.
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What's Your Favorite Batman movie?

Personally I love The Dark Knight, and it's trilogy, the best. I love how it's very realistic, and a lot is about corruption and other real-life subjects. The TV series Gotham is great too, and it sorta links up with the trilogy, except for Harvey Dent, and Gordon's appearence.
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Lego Batman

who else thinks it's the best Lego film of all time including the short one's
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Is the Joker good in combat?

In some cases the Joker can fight but in others he is he can't and ends up getting his butt kicked
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Thoughts on Ruby rose as batwoman

I think it shows potential
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isn't he cool

"Arkham_Knight" on Fandom: "Jason Todd was once Robin, and worked alongside Batman. He was tortured and believed to be..."
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Batjokes is a thing....

Does anyone else think this is kinda cute? Pls tell me I'm not alone.
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Hello everyone! 😁

I'm new here and I thought I'd say hello so... HELLO.
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Do you know any comics that touch on the jokers backstory?
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Robins/TMNT Comparison

Was looking up Robin for the DCEU and this popped up. What do you think?
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Favorite Arkham game and how many total hours of play time?

Mine is arkham Knight I've 200% the game on all platforms with a total of 400hours of play time
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LEGO® Batman The Videogame™ The Riddler: Plan Analysis

Okay, first things first I guess... Mr. Nygma plans to steal a huge sum of money from a high security building. He chooses his team carefully for the most part. In order to stage the heist he must come into the possession of: an access key, a freeze cannon, two Poison Ivy seeds and a powerful cannon. He takes Clayface with him to steal the key. Next he takes Mr. Freeze back to his old lair to get Mr. Freeze's old freeze cannon. After that he takes Poison Ivy to get the seeds and Two-Face for the cannon. He always stays behind after Batman and Robin arrive. This is most likely due to waiting for Two-Face to pick him up. He made lots of good choices right up until the end when they were caught off guard in the Master Vault.

How does he manage to afford all those henchmen? He probably promised them money that he'd get from his heist. Anyway, that was a rough look at his plan from the game.
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