"John Doe"
Joker (Telltale)
General Information
Real name: Unknown
First Appearance: Batman: The Telltale Series
Created by: Bob Kane
Bill Finger
Affiliations: Bruce Wayne
Abilities: Genius-level intelligence
Master manipulator
Portrayed by: Anthony Ingruber (voice)

"John Doe" is a minor character in Batman: The Telltale Series and, seeming, a supporting character in Batman: The Enemy Within. He was a patient at Arkham Asylum. His history before his stay at the Asylum is unknown, even by the staff themselves. Whilst Bruce Wayne was incarcerated, he acted as an ally to the billionaire and helped set up an escape attempt. After being discharged from the asylum, John would go on to associate with a group called the Pact, whom he wished Bruce to get involved with.


Nobody truly has an identity for "John", with the name given to him by the Asylum staff. It also appears that John is unaware of his past, and doesn't remember his life prior to Arkham or how he got there. Other inmates were scared of him, particularly Victor Zsasz, who found him unpredictable. However, to staff members, particularly Doctors Joan Leland and Harleen Quinzel, he seemed to be recovering and one of the more cooperative of the inmates.

Season OneEdit

Guardian of GothamEdit

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Upon Bruce Wayne's arrival in the asylum, he was attacked by two inmates who claimed to be victims of his father. Upon arriving, John brutally assaulted them and offered help to Bruce. With Dr. Leland arriving, he tried to vouch that he had helped Bruce and that the billionaire had attacked the other inmates in defense. With Bruce either going along with or denying this, they left the cell to take him to the asylum's lobby.

As they walked through the Asylum, John conversed with Leland, though kept his eye on Bruce, saving him from a cannibal who complained about "not being able to taste". He also banged violently on another inmates door after he tried to use the phone, something Leland noticed. As they arrived in the Lobby, John bullied "Sane Lewis" out of his seat and left to get the remote from Leland. Before he left, he gave Bruce a key, asking him to use it.

When he returned, he turned over to the Gotham City News Channel, where he witnessed Harvey Dent announcing his imprisonment of Bruce to Arkham. Laughing at Dent's ramblings and his war with Lady Arkham, he was put down for these by Bruce. However, John also revealed his knowledge that Vicki Vale was Arkham's civilian identity, a piece of information he suspected Bruce to know. When the billionaire confirmed his mutual knowledge, John offered to help set him free, having noticed a "darker side" to him as he had attacked Oswald Cobblepot and knowing that letting him out would lead the billionaire [to find and fight her].

He then revealed Vale's past as the Arkham family's daughter, having been adopted by the Vales following her parent's murder on Thomas Wayne's orders. He offered to set Bruce free, but that he would require a favor if he did so. Bruce can accept or decline this offer, but John will continue regardless of his choice.

Walking up to Zsasz, who was playing chess with another inmate, he asked him what would happen if a tally mark was made before a kill. With him unable to respond, he cut the serial killer's face with a knife, causing him to lash out into his old ways. Offering a knife, he hoped that Zsasz's psychotic attack might distract the orderlies long enough for Bruce to get the phone and call to be released. With this, Bruce can decide to either go with the plan or help the orderlies.

Bruce puts himself in front of Victor and tries to stop the fighting. However, he is unable to and is knocked out by Victor. As he leaves the asylum with his butler, John calls out to "ask the Vales" as he is taken away to his cell.

Bruce chooses to use the riot as a distraction to use the phone and continue with John's plan. After calling either Lt. Gordon or his lawyers to release him, John talks to him, telling to "ask the Vales". As Bruce is taken away by Leland and an orderly, he tells Bruce that the two will see each other soon. John also sees Bruce as he leaves the asylum, reminding him of their deal.

City of LightEdit

Doe was among the inmates set free during the Children of Arkham's attempted break out. However, unlike the other inmates, he simply watched the chaos unfold, enjoying every second of it. After witnessing Batman defeat Zsasz, he clapped maniacally and told the vigilante how he "admired [his] work". When the GCPD stormed the room, he remained calm as an officer came in to arrest him.

In the following week, the staff at Arkham deemed him sane and decided to release him, believing that he could readjust to society. However, between his release and the GCPD's press conference, he hired an assassin to attack the event and prevent Gordon from rallying Gotham behind him. Depending on whether Bruce attends as himself or Batman, two possibilities will take place.

The assassin targets Bruce, driving the van towards him and the crowd following his announcement to either support the GCPD or cease construction on a mental hospital to fund and repair Arkham Asylum. After watching the assassin fail from the Stacked Deck bar, he promises to see Bruce soon, taking a drink and laughing maniacally.

The assassin targets Gordon, driving the van towards him and the crowd after reading a message sent to the city from the vigilante. As the van approaches Gordon, the vigilante jumps down and saves the newly appointed Commissioner from the assassin and knocking him out. As he watches from the Stacked Deck bar, John promises to try and top it with another attack, taking a drink and laughing maniacally.

Season Two: The Enemy WithinEdit

The EnigmaEdit

During the year of freedom, "John" claimed to have found it hard to readjust to society. He also became acquainted with some of the world's most dangerous criminals, forming a group known as the Pact. John became one of the most wanted people in the world for the Agency and its Director Amanda Waller, due to his connection with many of these criminals. After one of the criminals within the Pact, the Riddler, fell out with John, due to his decision to attack Gotham and attract Batman's attention, he decided to invoke the favor he asked from Bruce.

Meeting him at the funeral for one of Wayne's friends, Lucius Fox, John got talking with the dead man's daughter, Tiffany, though made many inappropriate comments until Bruce interrupted the conversation and pulled him aside. John gave him a card he had bought and the two took places as the sermon began. During this, John asked Bruce to meet the Pact for him and join the group, in return of the favor he asked back at Arkham. When he mentioned the Riddler, Bruce began to ask information about him, leading to John giving him information about his operations in the East End of Gotham. As the funeral finished, John decided to leave, hoping to see Bruce again. Bruce has the opportunity to attach a tracking device to John, which he will seemingly not notice.

Later, John managed to learn about Riddler's safe house in the East End, he sent Bruce information about it. He also recommended talking to Rumi Mori, who had been on the criminal's kill list after refusing to sell one of his biotech companies. It is currently unknown whether John was the person who shot the Riddler with a poisoned dart, but it can be assumed that he and/or another member of the Pact arranged the murder to prevent Waller from learning about the groups operations.

The PactEdit

The following morning, John was contacted by Bruce, who had decided to take up his offer to join the Pact. Bruce found him at the Stacked Deck, in the midst of therapy with a patron called Willy. After finishing off, the two left for the bar, during which John ordered him another drink. If Bruce placed the tracking device on him, John will reveal his knowledge of it and seemingly forgive him for placing it on him. When Bruce asked about his involvement in the Riddler's death, John denied it and talked about Bruce joining him as a member of the Pact. He also admitted to having lied about Riddler's involvement with the group and promised not to have anymore secrets between him and Bruce. He also offered a pinky swear, which Bruce has the opportunity of accepting. Whilst contacting Harley to let her know, Willy tried to attack Bruce. If Bruce chooses to subdue Willy, he will film the incident and, as the bartender calls the cops, decides to leave.

After receiving a text from Harley letting him know she was interested, he told Bruce about what had been decided and told him about his feelings for her. He also decided to hotwire a car, during which he asked for Bruce's assistance. When Harley arrived, he introduced the two and, at Harley's request, collected a slushy for her from a vender. When he returned, they left in the car as the owner returned. When Harley flirted with Bruce, he showed signs of being uncomfortable and even snatched the slushy when she offered him a drink. When they arrived, they initially stayed behind in the car, but followed him into the building shortly afterwards.

The two followed him to his office, knocking a guard unconscious and confronting Regina Zellerbach in the process. John also showed some signs of discomfort when Harley flirted with Bruce, with him suggesting that they stayed focused on finding the key. When they arrived in the vault, he was disappointed to find no craters there, having mistaken the explosion to have taken their rather than Fox's office. Whilst Bruce recreated Lucius' thumbprint to access the vault, John looked around the lab, taking notice of an EMP generator. When Bruce was able to get into the vault, he stayed behind with Harley, but later followed when he wondered what was going on. Depending on whether Bruce lied to Tiffany at the funeral, the following will happen.

If Bruce told Tiffany the truth about his involvement with Lucius' death, he will discover the two in conversation, with Bruce trying to get Tiffany to hand over the Phalanx Key. Bruce asks him to keep quiet, something he agrees to do but comments on hating to lie to Harley. Depending on whether he is successful or not, he will either take the key to Harley after Bruce is able to get Tiffany to hand it over or is stunned with a electric gun as she tries to escape. If the latter plays out, he will find the key on the floor and hand it over to Harley. As they leave, Harley asks him to bring the EMP generator with them, having decided to use it for their next attack.

If Bruce lied to Tiffany, John will be stunned with a taser as he enters the vault. He is also present whilst Harley threatens Tiffany and forces Bruce to pledge allegiance to the Pact for her safety. After Bruce either accepts or denies, he finds the Phalanx Key on the floor and gives it to Harley. As they leave, Harley asks him to bring the EMP generator, having decided to use it for their next attack.

After he and Harley returned, they and the rest of the Pact prepared to retrieve Riddler's body from the Agency. After deciding to bring him into the group, John contacted him and told him to meet with the group. After he was brought to the Pact's lair, he watched as Bane and Harley argued whether to bring him into the group. Believing Bane would kill him, John activated the EMP generator "accidently" so that he could prove his worth to the group. When Harley tasked him with getting the approval of Bane and Mr. Freeze, Bruce talked to John to get advice. Though he had no idea how to get Freeze's approval, he gave him a bottle of beer so he could talk to Bane. When the group voted on whether to let Bruce become a member, John voted for him. If Bruce was unable to convince Bane and Freeze, this will lead to a tie, which will lead to him being allowed to join the group.

During the attack on the Agency, John remained within the escape vehicles as Bruce and the other members engaged with the agents. John help load the package and watched as the chaos ensued. Depending on who Bruce chooses to stop, the following will happen.

If Bruce chooses to stop Harley, she will escape with the rest of the Pact whilst Bane is left to fight the Agency. Despite Freeze's worries that Bane will seek revenge, John and Harley seem unconcerned about this. He is also present when Bruce opens the Riddler's casket.

If Bruce chooses to stop Bane, John will watch in horror as Harley is left to battle the Agency. Despite his pleas to go back and rescue her from the Agency, Bane and Freeze refuse, believing it to be worthless to go back for her. Furious, he storms back to his Ha-Hacienda to mourn.

Fractured MaskEdit

Depending on who Bruce chose to stop in the previous episode, the following will happen to John.

If Bruce chose to stop Harley, John helps Harley retrieve the payment for Catwoman from her safe and gives it to her. He stands by as Bane and his men return from battling the Agency and the GCPD and as Harley takes control of the Pact.

If Bruce chose to stop Bane, John stays in his Ha-Hacienda to mourn Harley's "death" and doesn't come out to interact with Catwoman. When she returns, he appears to greet her and stands by as she takes control of the Pact.

When Harley gave Bruce the task of investigating the Riddler's hideout to find information about an Agency black-site, she suggested that he brought John along to help him. After changing into something more suitable, he, Bruce and Catwoman left to investigate Riddler's hideout.

Upon arrival, he and Catwoman left to investigate the outside for officers whilst Bruce check the back. After returning, he attempted to break down the fence with a crowbar, only for Bruce to intervene and take over the task, to avoid attracting attention. Whilst Bruce investigated, John and Catwoman remained outside and only entered when Bruce was confronted by a detective on the scene. When John retrieved the crowbar to knock him out, Bruce can either allow him to do so, knock the officer out himself or bribe him to keep quiet. Regardless, the three entered Riddler's lair and began their investigation.

Whilst Catwoman investigated the balcony, John and Bruce searched the lower area of the hideout and uncovered a trap left behind by the criminal. If Bruce interacts with John, he mentions his distrust for Catwoman, due to her closeness with the Riddler. When Bruce was able to solve Riddler's trap, he and Catwoman insisted he stayed behind whilst they investigated the uncovered elevator. When she tried to escape with the decrypting drive, John only watched as Bruce attempted to stop her and took photographs with his phone. After the battle, John, having heard Catwoman mention her intentions to steal a laptop in Harley's possession, decided to confront Bruce about it, but somewhere else than the Riddler's lair.

Taking him to Café Triste, John ordered them drinks, including a frappe for himself, and confronted Bruce on telling Catwoman about the laptop. He pondered telling her to improve her opinion of him, but decides not to tell her. Having witnessed some flirting between Bruce and Catwoman, he asks for some advice to help Harley notice him. Depending on the advice Bruce gives, the following will happen.

If Bruce advices John act like himself whilst trying to seduce Harley, he mentions that he feels unsure about doing so, as he hasn't found his "true self" yet. After taking some advice from Bruce, John asks that they role play some scenarios between him and Harley to improve his confidence. Afterwards, when Bruce decides to leave to "attend to business", John agrees to help him retrieve Harley's laptop and pays for the drinks.As he pays for the drinks, he fails to notice Bruce leave.

If Bruce advices John tries to manipulate her, he seems a bit unsure about doing so and asks for advice from Bruce. After learning some basic methods of finding out what can be done to get her to notice him, John decides to learn more about Bruce. Using napkins and some of Bruce's coffee, he creates Rorschach tests and asks him to answer. When Bruce decides to leave to "attend to business", John allows him to leave and offers to pay for the drinks. Depending on how Bruce answered, he will either says he'll think about helping him steal the laptop or decided not to go through with it. As he pays for the drinks, he fails to notice Bruce leave.

Whilst Batman talked to Gordon, John sneaked onto the roof of the GCPD and got the vigilante's attention by making shadow puppets with the Batsignal. Introducing himself, John offered to help him arrest the Pact and retrieve Harley Quinn's laptop. However, he promised only to do so if she was left alone. The two arranged to meet up behind the Stacked Deck bar if he was successful, which he agreed to do. After this, John took a selfie on his phone and showed it to Batman, with the vigilante either allowing him to keep it or destroying the phone. If the latter is chosen, John is shocked at this action and expresses disappointment for losing it.

When Bruce returned to the Old Five Points, John talked to him and advised that they used the opportunity to steal the laptop. When Harley came over to check on them, John tried to offer to help her search for the Pact's mole, only to be turned down and dismissed. Whilst she and Bruce talked, John slipped into her office to retrieve the laptop for Batman. Depending on whether the vigilante told Catwoman about Gordon's ambush, he either doesn't find it (if Catwoman was informed) or is able to steal it (if she wasn't told).

If the latter plays out, John meets with the vigilante and gives him the laptop. Whilst he comments about feeling conflicted about stealing from Harley, he is pleased for having helped the vigilante and asks for a lesson in Batarang throwing. If Batman agrees to do so, he receives a demonstration on how to do so and given the opportunity to throw one, unsuccessfully. After practice concludes, he asks to keep the Batarang he has been practicing, something which Batman can agree to. As the vigilante leaves, he promises Batman to stay out of trouble and help the vigilante, whenever he needs assistance.

When Harley discovered the laptop was missing, he assisted her in investigating for the culprits. If she had not found out about Tiffany or Project Lotus, he also tells her about these. After learning that Harley had narrowed it down to Bruce and Catwoman, he begged her to let him interrogate the billionaire, receiving some advice on what to do from her. When he finally interrogated Bruce, he worried about what they were going to do and suggested that they pinned the blame on Catwoman. When Harley returned, John, claiming to have finished, told Bruce to tell her who the mole was.

If Bruce blames Catwoman, John is pleased that he followed his advice and receives praise and affection from Harley for getting the information out of him. He also witnesses the rest of the Pact's attempt to kill her with one of Freeze's devices, but is otherwise not involved. After placing her in one of Riddler's death traps as a temporary cell, he, Bruce and the rest of the gang leave to raid the black-site.

If Bruce outs himself as the traitor, John is shocked at his decision, though also receives praise and affection from Harley for getting the information out of him. As he watches the others attempt to kill Bruce with one of Freeze's cryogenic chambers, he asks for them to spare him, only to be turn away. After they activate the chamber, he is forced to leave Bruce whilst he and the rest of the Pact raid the black-site.

What Ails You?Edit

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Same StitchEdit

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"John" seems to be a rather sadistic character, enjoying the pain of others, for the thrill of entertainment. Such example is when he caused Zsasz to have a violent outburst, due to his tallymarks not being equal to his kill count, saying he "hasn't had this much fun in a long time." He also seems to enjoy chaos in general, as he seems to find the Children of Arkham's actions fairly entertaining, and Harvey's wavering sanity is painfully obvious to him, but he enjoys it. He also seems to enjoy harmless pranks, giving Bruce Wayne a key that didn't seem to unlock anything, laughing at how Bruce "actually tried it". According to Leland, John also has issues with rejection, something confirmed if Bruce decides not to go through with their "favor".


Bruce Wayne/BatmanEdit

John was very welcoming to Bruce when he first arrived, personally saving the billionaire from a group of patients that tried to attack him. He even willingly organized him to give him a chance of making a phone call, in return for a favor when he left Arkham. When John was released, he only made contact with Bruce a year later, hoping to have him join the Pact. When he discovered Bruce was tracking down the Riddler, he also offered to give him information on how to find him, a promise which he kept. Bruce would later join the Pact, with John ecstatic that he could join, and assisted in the process for his induction. Depending on dialogue chosen and decisions made, John's relationship with Bruce may change in the future.

During the Arkham riots, where he first met Batman, John simply commented on how "inspiring" he had taken down Zsasz and stated that it was a pleasure to see his work up in person. He also had a blank frame, which he was reserving for a photo of him and the vigilante, though it is unknown what his plans were with him. John would also contact Batman and offer to help him in the field, offering to retrieve the laptop from Harley Quinn and help him take them down, but in return for her safety. Like as Bruce, John's relationship with the vigilante may change, depending on action or dialogue chosen during their meetings.

Selina Kyle/CatwomanEdit

Upon first meeting Catwoman, John seemed to have a positive relationship with her and willing to get to know or work with her. However, after learning she had been an associate with the Riddler, he became suspicious of her and kept an eye on her. When she and Bruce were narrowed down to the only possible moles, John was willing to put her in danger to protect Bruce.

The PactEdit

Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley QuinnEdit

John had known Harleen Quinzel from his time at Arkham, as she had been one of his psychiatrists during his time there. When he joined the Pact, he would serve as her right hand man and help her whenever she required something. John claimed he had fallen in love with her, due to her violent actions and pensions to stir things up. To try to impress her, John would ask Bruce for advice and take on any action she requested of him.

The RiddlerEdit

John's relationship with the Riddler was poor, due to the criminal's apparent rudeness around him. These included interrupting him whilst he told jokes or stealing attention away from him. It also seems that Riddler had negative feelings towards him also, calling him a "white faced prick". Though he set plans in motion to get the Riddler arrested, it is currently unknown whether John arranged his assassination.


It seems that John and Bane, like Riddler, had a very poor relationship. However, he was willing to speak to him, though would have to provide Bane with beer if he wished to speak to him. If Harley is behind to battle the Agency, John chastised Bane for doing so. However, if Bane is left by the Pact, he also seems unconcerned about Bane, commenting that he was probably having a "brawl".

Dr. Victor Fries/Mr. FreezeEdit

It's unknown what the precise relationship between John and Freeze is, but it's likely to be not as bad as it was with Riddler and Bane. However, after John "accidentally" activated the EMP generator, endangering Nora, Freeze threatened to kill him unless someone deactivated the device.



  • "John" is based on the Joker, Batman's most iconic adversary and whom many consider the superhero's arch-nemesis. Internally, Telltale constantly refer to him as the "prototype Joker", with his future personality and actions dependent on choices and dialogue chosen by the player.
  • During Guardian of Gotham, it is implied that John is actually aware Bruce is Batman. However, during episodes in The Enemy Within, he seems unaware that they are the same person.
  • John's house in the Old Five Points is called the "Ha-Hacienda", a reference to the Joker's name for his various hideouts.
  • In season 2, there seems to be a role reversal in the traditional Joker and Harley relationship. Whereas in most media Joker is the dominant one and steers Harley towards becoming a criminal, in the Telltale series it is actually Harley who is in control, with "John" being more submissive and being steered towards being the Clown Prince of Crime through her influence.

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