"The Agency"
The Agency Logo
General Information
Founder(s): Unidentified
Leader(s): Amanda Waller
Current Members: Iman Avesta
Vernon Blake (determined)
Former Members: Mario Hernandez
The Riddler (implied)
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Unknown

"The Agency" is the public face of a shadow committee, consisting of military leaders, intelligence experts and government officials. It is currently under control by Amanda Waller. It's only known case is investigating the Riddler, one of Gotham's original supervillians.

History Edit

It is unknown who founded the Agency or what it's main operations were. Officials in the organization were, if allowed to, over local law enforcement with impunity and take over operations from the highest ranking official. The Agency had a long history of unethical operations, including civil rights violations, domestic black sites and decentralized accountability. By the time Amanda Waller became its director, these accusations were silenced and the Agency were one of the most powerful law enforcement agencies in the United States.

The EnigmaEdit

Waller and a group of agents arrived at the Virago casino, having heard reports that the Riddler had attacked. After they subdued the last of the Riddler's men, they helped the GCPD round up the suspects and clear up from the attack. They also placed the victim of the attack, Rumi Mori, into a security detail. During this, Batman became acquainted with Waller, agents Iman Avesta and Vernon Blake.

Whilst the agency search for the Riddler, Avesta and Blake later visited Bruce Wayne in his office to interview him on a person of interest, "John Doe". About a week later, another agent, Mario Hernandez, was kidnapped by the Riddler, forced to participate in a death trap, which he failed, and died. Batman and Commissioner Gordon would discover his corpse whilst investigating the building he was held in.

That same day, Avesta, Blake and two other agents were able to locate the Riddler on his personal ship, the Lady of Dublin, but were captured and held within the Riddler's death traps. Desperate, Waller allowed her agents to brutally interrogate Eli Knable, the Riddler's second in command, and kept her agents observing Mori. When Batman was able to retrieve information about the Riddler's location, he put it through to the GCPD and the Agency, with the agents and Waller heading to the ship.

Upon arrival, Batman was able to free Agent Avesta, but was captured by the Riddler and forced to either sacrifice the others, including Blake's, to save her or go through with the Riddler's game, though deafens her in the process. Regardless of the decision made, Batman eventually broke free and captured the criminal, but he was shot with a poisoned dart and died. Believing the GCPD to be ineffective or have tampered with her operations, Waller had the Agency take control and forced the GCPD to step down from the investigations.

The PactEdit

Members Edit

Current Edit

  • Amanda Waller - Director
  • Iman Avesta - Special Agent
  • Vernon Blake - Special Agent (determinant)
  • Roger Harrison
  • Maureen Chan
  • Renee Gladwell
  • Tyson Borley
  • Todd Marshall
  • Lynda Farrow
  • Suresh Pradeep
  • Michael Finn
  • Ryan Garcia
  • Natalie Fried
  • Heather Greenbaum
  • Vince Rector
  • Bradley Willis
  • Jevon Banks
  • T.R. Langley
  • Martin Woo
  • Lara Kilroy
  • Trent Vimes
  • Michaela Prince
  • Kyle Standish
  • Vicki Rooney
  • Patrick (determinant)

Former Edit

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

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