2-D Man, real name Stuart Lowe, was the member of the Terrific Trio. His teammates were Freon and Magma. He fought with and against the second Batman early in his career.
2-D Man

2-D Man

History Edit

Stuart Lowe was a victim of Dr. Hodges's orchestration to eliminate Mike Morgan and thus conquer his fiancée, Mary Michaels. It remains unclear whether Lowe was intended to be in the accident, or was just a collateral victim. After the Trio learned the truth, they went on a rampage, but were subdued by Batman. 2-D Man was pulled in by the emergency ventilation system of the Bay Ridge Research Center. Whether he survived remains unknown.

Powers and abilities Edit

After being bombarded with dangerous levels of radiation, Stuart Lowe became a two-dimensional being with the ability to stretch his body to incredible lengths.

Background information Edit

2-D Man is based on the Fantastic Four member Mr. Fantastic (though his powers resemble Flatman's). His name could be a reference to the Silver Age Marvel hero 3-D Man.

Appearance Edit

Batman Beyond Edit


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