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"Who do you trust? Me? I'm giving away free money, and where is the Batman? He's at home washing his tights!"
The Joker[src]
200th Anniversary Parade
General Information
Location: Broad Avenue, Skies of Gotham
Media: Batman
Result: The following occur:
  • Neither victory
  • Death of innocent bystanders
  • Vicki Vale and Alexander Knox Escape
  • Removal of Joker's balloons
  • Bob The Goon killed by the Joker
  • Death of several of Joker's Goons
  • Destruction of the Batwing

Events SurroundingEdit

After promising to give away millions in cash, the Joker steals the balloons intended for the 200th Anniversary parade.


The Joker has put his own plans in motion to upstage the city's canceled anniversary celebrations with a grand spectacle: a nighttime parade at which he will dispense $20 million in free cash (in a comic book adaption this money is revealed to be fake as it has the Joker's face on it). Vicki and Knox are there to cover the pandemonium, and they notice strange tanks on the balloons. In the middle of his generosity, the Joker begins gassing the crowd. Batman arrives in his Batwing and snatches the balloons away to carry them out of the city. Furious, the Joker shoots Bob the Goon, his number one thug. Batman returns to make a strafing run on the Joker, who responds by shooting down the jet with an insanely long-barreled revolver.

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