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7884 Batman's Buggy: The Escape of Mr. Freeze

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Batman's Buggy: The Escape of Mr. Freeze
General Information
Item number: 7884
Pieces: 76
Minifigures: Batman
Mr. Freeze
Released: May, 2008

Batman's Buggy: The Escape of Mr. Freeze is a LEGO Batman set which was released in 2008.


Call The Dark Knight – Mr. Freeze™ is on the loose! That cold-hearted supervillain Mr. Freeze is getting away with a set of stolen diamonds! It’s up to Batman™ and his high-tech pursuit buggy to track down his frozen foe and use his harpoon to reel in the crook’s sub-zero speedster. Just watch out for that freeze-ray!

  • Includes Batman and Mr. Freeze minifigures!
  • Batman's Buggy has flame and wing detail on the back!
  • Mr. Freeze's vehicle has a freeze-ray on front and a place to hold a diamond on the back!


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