Robin's Scuba Jet: Attack of The Penguin
General Information
Item number: 7885
Pieces: 207
Minifigures: Robin
The Penguin
Penguin Minion (x2)
Released: May, 2008

Robin's Scuba Jet: Attack of The Penguin is a LEGO Batman set which was released in 2008.


When The Penguin strikes, Robin dives into action! It's an underwater race to get the missing crystal! The Penguin's missile-firing sub is making waves, but Robin is on the way in his crime-fighting scuba jet! Can The Boy Wonder defeat the fowl fiend and his Penguin partners-in-crime? It'll take all of Robin's speed and skill to win this battle!

  • Includes Robin and The Penguin minifigures, plus 2 Penguins!
  • The Penguin's submarine features flick-fire missiles and a firing rocket!
  • Lift the roof off the submarine to put The Penguin at the controls!
  • Robin's red, yellow and green scuba jet measures 5" (13cm) long!
  • The Penguin's submarine measures 8" (20cm) long!


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