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The Riddler returns to disrupt the welcome ceremony for visiting King Boris, who has arrived in Gotham City to present a gift from his country: a miniature replica of the Queen of Freedom Monument. Together with his henchwoman, Mousey, the Riddler presents the King with a bouquet of flowers, which promptly explodes and releases a hidden riddle. Believing the Count of Conundrums to be planning to steal the jewelled crown from the ‘Miss Galaxy Contest’, Batman replaces the headpiece with a fake that contains a miniature transmitter. But when the Dynamic Duo apprehend the Riddler as he steals the crown from the contest, he tells them that he knew it to be a phoney, and throws it at them while making his escape. Batman finds another riddle in the crown that suggests the Riddler is going to kidnap King Boris - but when he and Robin arrive, they are too late to prevent the King’s capture!




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