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As the lethal quicksand has almost claimed our heroes, Batman and Robin escape by reaching down ever so slowly, activate their experimental Heel-and-Toe Batrockets, and rocket themselves to safety. They investigate another cunning clue left by Riddler after his latest crime, and encounter Riddler, Across and Down at the penthouse of Anthony Aquila, an exiled South American dictator. They are unable to stop the thieving trio from cracking the dictator's safe because they must first rescue dictator himself from one of Riddler's fiendish puzzle-traps. Fearing for the man's life, The Duo allow the villains to escape with their ill-gotten gains. The Boy Wonder succeeds in solving the puzzle of the cage and releasing Aquila, only to find that the box supposedly containing the explosives was a fake. The Riddler finally amasses enough capital to purchase Professor Charm's invention, which he plans to demonstrate on a park statue. Disguised as a street cleaner, Riddler aims the Demolecularizer at the statue and makes it vanish right before the very eyes of The Dynamic Duo and the police! The Conundrum King then promises to Demolecularize Police HQ unless Gotham's criminal codes are rescinded. The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder fly The Batcopter over Gotham and seed the clouds above with di-chloride, thus neutralizing Riddler's device with a well-timed lightning bolt from a passing storm cloud. The Dynamic Duo then trace Riddler to his hideout by Batcycle at The Norman Jigsaw Puzzle Factory, where they round him and his cronies Anna Gram, Across and Down up and send them on another long trek back to the pokey. Later, in Gordon's office @ Police HQ, a guilt-wracked Professor Charm returns the stolen cash.


Cesar Romero returns as The Joker!





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