"Is there a six-foot bat in Gotham City? If so, is he on the police payroll? If so, what's he pulling down — after taxes?"
―Alexander Knox[src]

Alexander Knox was a reporter at the Gotham Globe.




Alexander Knox at Wayne Manor.

Alexander Knox believed in Batman, and was very positive about him as well. When Knox and Vicki Vale were at Wayne Manor (where Bruce Wayne hosted a charity ball to raise $250,000 for Gotham’s 200th Anniversary), Bruce and Vicki hit it off. Knox appeared jealous, but was also a little intrigued by seeing how they got together. Bruce told Knox that he read his work and liked it “a lot”.

With the help of Vicki and Batman, Knox managed to warn people of the product combinations of Smylex. Knox also inadvertently helped Vicki figure out Bruce Wayne's true identity as Batman, by showing her a newspaper clipping of the death of his parents.

Knox’s last act of bravery was during Gotham City's 200th Anniversary Parade, when he risked being poisoned in order to fight off The Joker's Goons. Interestingly, Knox preserved himself without the aid of Batman, and used a makeshift mask from a handkerchief, then swung at the Joker's Goons with a wooden baseball bat to get himself to a safe area. It was unknown why Joker's Goons, who were clearly stronger than Knox, did not fight back — although it could be assumed that they needed to clear out to avoid dying from Smylex, or they were flabbergasted at seeing a civilian with such gumption taking them head on.

Though Knox held his own, he was injured when he jumped on the hood of Vicki's car and hurled into a pile of garbage.

Knox ultimately survived from his little injuries. After Batman's battle with the Joker, Knox attended a press conference of DA Harvey Dent and Commissioner James Gordon, with whom they announced the end of the Joker's reign of terror and that they had received the gift of a signal from Batman, to call him in case of need. Knox was impressed by the lighting of the Batsignal.

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In the earlier Sam Hamm version, it was Knox who realized Bruce Wayne's secret through researching and tried to blackmail him into staying away from Vicki. Knox was also supposed to die during the Joker's attack, but Jon Peters liked Wuhl so much that they decided to let him live in Warren Skaaren's revised shooting script.


1347157859 knox-deleted-cape-1

Gordon discovers Batman's true identity (deleted scene).

  • Knox was part of a deleted scene which had Bruce cover his unconscious body with his cape and cowl near the Gotham Cathedral steps. Bruce made a stealthy exit with his Utility Belt draped over his shoulder, as seen the comic adaptation. This footage has yet to be released on home video.
  • The lines "What a dick" (muttered after the newspaper artist showed Knox his rendering of Batman) and "He must've been King of the Wicker People" were ad-libbed by Wuhl.
  • At the beginning of the film, Knox entered the press room and was handed a cartoon sketch of a "Bat Man", which was a bat in pin stripe suit. It was signed by Bob Kane, who was supposed to play the cartoonist as a cameo.
  • In Daniel Waters' first draft for the sequel, Knox's body is found crucified on the batsignal early in the story.[1] This was later used with the Carmine Falcone character in Batman Begins.



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