Alfred Pennyworth
Alfred Pennyworth (Telltale)
General Information
First Appearance: Batman: The Telltale Series
Created by: Bob Kane
Bill Finger
Jerry Robinson
Abilities: Trained Butler
Trained in emergency medical techniques
Portrayed by: Enn Reitel

Alfred "Al" Pennyworth is Bruce Wayne's butler and guardian, after the death of his parents Thomas and Martha Wayne, whom he was previously employed by. When Bruce became the vigilante Batman, Alfred reluctantly helped him fight crime and would often give advice on the actions he took and methods he used.


Alfred Pennyworth was hired by Thomas and Martha Wayne as their personal butler. However, after years of service, he became disgusted by the corruption and dealings with Carmine Falcone and Mayor Hamilton Hill. Eventually deciding to leave, he packed his bags and was prepared to leave.

However, before he could, he received a call from the GCPD, asking him to come to an alleyway near the Monarch Theater. Hoping that Thomas had been finally found out and arrested, Alfred arrived, only to find that he and Martha had been murdered by a mugger, in front of their 9 year old son Bruce. Feeling guilt if he left him alone, Alfred stayed behind to look after their child and bring him up to be different from his father.

Alfred would look after Bruce for twenty years, helping him train to become a vigilante to fight crime and corruption in Gotham. Whilst he also helped him as the "Batman", Alfred would openly express his objections to his lifestyle and tactics.

Episode One: Realm of ShadowsEdit

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Alfred first appears in the game helping patch up Bruce's wounds following his encounter with Catwoman and a group of thieves. He showed concern about Bruce's safety and how he had become a target for criminals as the Batman. However, he understood that it was working and that Gotham was becoming safer, but advised that Bruce didn't become "a monster". He also asked Bruce not to make his death be left of the Wayne family or their legacy, asking that he helped Gotham as "Bruce Wayne". After finishing, he went to serve the guests at Harvey Dent's fundraiser.

Alfred later alerted Bruce to the arrival of Carmine Falcone, suspecting that the crime lord wanted to bring him into the same business as his father. He left him to deal with the crime lord, later disrupting the meeting to inform him that the fundraiser's guests were leaving. Later visited Bruce in the Batcave, bringing as much food and drink as he could salvage. The two tried to decrypt a data drive Catwoman had stolen from the mayor's office, with very limited success.

As the two discussed the Falcone's visit to the manor, Alfred told him about Thomas Wayne's seemingly clean past and how he had despised criminals (both of which were lies). He also voiced his hope that the city's reputation would improve, though commented that criminals like Falcone and Catwoman were not helping this. Alfred also showed concern over Bruce's life as Batman, especially the possibility that someone discovered his identity. He then told him how he had seen Oswald Cobblepot, one of Bruce's childhood friends, at the party and how he had given him a message for them to meet up. Though Bruce was content on meeting up with Oswald, either to catch up, suspecting that he was needing money or that there was a connection between him and the recent break in. Alfred advised him to be careful when meeting up, especially when the spot he had chosen was Cobblepot Park.

Episode Two: Children of ArkhamEdit



Bruce WayneEdit

Thomas & Martha WayneEdit


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