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General Information
Real name: Elizabeth Kane
First Appearance: Detective Comics #854 (August 2009)
Created by: Greg Rucka
Affiliations: Religion of Crime
Abilities: Talented Marksmen
Formidable hand-to-hand combatant
Skilled blade fighter
Portrayed by: N/A

Alice is an enemy of Batwoman and the high madame of the Religion of Crime. She is depicted as highly eccentric, malicious and violent. She speaks predominately in phrases and quotes from the Lewis Carroll novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, she however denies and has not been seen to have any connection with Jervis Tetch or the Wonderland gang. She is shown using guns, knives, small weapons and works with personal bodyguards, although she has a multitude of willing followers/henchmen and women. She is revealed later to be, the thought to be dead, twin sister of Kate Kane the current Batwoman, Beth Kane.



BethKane NotDead 01

The body of a girl mistaken to be Beth Kane.

Little is known about the origin of Alice or the transformation of Beth Kane into the psychotic figure of Alice, the high Madame of the Religion of Crime cult within Gotham city. Revealed 20 years before the events of Batwoman Elegy, at the age of 12 Beth Kane, her mother and her twin sister Kate are abducted by unknown assailants. During their kidnapping her mother was killed and the body of a child would be found while Kate Kane was being rescued and thought to be Beth. It would later be revealed that the body belonged to an as yet unidentified girl, it can be assumed that Beth was taken to another location and groomed/brainwashed to become the leader of the Religion of Crime, now known as Alice. However whatever this involved has not been shown, at this time.

Batwoman: ElegyEdit

During Detective Comics #854 onwards while Batwoman is investigating the new leader of the Religion of Crime she discovers almost everything about the new leader, except for who the mysteriously appointed heir is.

Batwoman comes face to face with Alice for the first time just before her grand debut to the members of the cult. Alice is subdued quickly with the strategic use of a pepper spray pellet and then grabbed and taken to a rooftop for interrogation. To allow Alice to answer questions she is spray with a solution to subside the effects of the Pepper spray. She however avoids answering any questions by only communicating through speaking verses taken from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. This enrages Batwoman and the two struggle again this time however Alice gets the drop on the vigilante by producing a poisoned razor from her mouth and slashing her across the face with it. Alice then attempts to stab Batwoman but, she makes a lucky escape, leaving Batwoman fumbling through the woods while intoxicated and hallucinating from the poison.

Alice takes this time to return to her followers within in a Religion of Crime motif Church. They welcome her and beg for forgiveness for Batwoman intervention, she then mercilessly murders them all by shooting into the shocked crowd of the religion members, smiling as she does so.

Outside Batwoman's father has come to rescue the still weak hero when Alice appears to make an attempt on her life. He holds them off momentarily, but once Alice is face to face with her estranged father she seems to recognized him and utters "You ... sha'n't be beheaded ..." hinting for the first time at her true relationship to him and Batwoman. They are soon interrupted by 3 beast-like members of a different faction of the religion of crime who rescue Batwoman and her father. They escape and for the moment Alice chooses not to give chase.

A short time later Alice made her way to the Army Base where her father was working and kidnapped him and stole a large quantity of Cyanogen Chloride that was due for disposal and a Cargo jet with plans to dump the chemical over most of Gotham killing millions. Alice calls Batwoman on their father's phone to bait her into coming in hopes of killing her, as the Religion of Crime has always planned. While on the Jet the Colonel, Batwoman's father attempts to struggle and when threatened with a gun by Alice, he recognizes her as his daughter Beth. She quickly covers her face and turns away from him. Batwoman soon boards the aircraft and quickly takes out Alice's forces and frees the Colonel. Alice attempts to get rid of Batwoman by coming at her with a knife then attacking her with a brief spray of hand gun bullets. After a scuffle Alice almost falls from the plain but, is saved by a grappling hook, however when Batwoman attempts to apprehend her she again fired at the hero. Batwoman is forced to tackle her knocking them both from the jet's wing. Batwoman manages to grab hold of the metal as well as Alice before she falls. Alice then produces a knife with her free hand intent on stabbing Batwoman's arm to free herself. Batwoman pleads with her not to do it, as the fall will kill her, after this Alice for the first time since appearing speaks, not in verse from Lewis Carroll but normally to say "You have out father's eyes." and then stabs Batwoman's arm, the pain forcing her to let Alice fall to the water below.

Later Batwoman would test her blood against that of Alice, to prove that she was in fact her sister Beth Kane. It is currently believed that Alice/Beth Kane is dead as it seems unlikely she would have survived her fall. Although, it is worth noting that her body was never recovered after a Police search. A likely sign that Alice will return.

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