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All-Star Squadron
General Information
Founder(s): Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Leader(s): Liberty Belle
Current Members: None
Former Members: All World War II era mystery men
Status: Inactive
Base of Operations: The Perisphere on the New York World's Fair Grounds


The All-Star Squadron was a team commissioned by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to fight the Axis powers of World War II. On the world of Earth-Two (prior to the history-altering Crisis on Infinite Earths), Batman and Robin were both members.

Founded in response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the All-Star Squadron consisted of all active mystery men and costumed crimefighters of the era. Its primary mission was to defend the homefront from spies and saboteurs. Most of its members were unable to fight the Axis overseas, due to a mystical "sphere of influence" created by the Japanese criminal, the Dragon King, which would seize control of the heroes with superhuman powers. Some chose to enlist in the military however to fight the Axis as civilian soldiers.

The All-Star Squadron was based out of a structure called the Perisphere on the former grounds of the New York World's Fair. It counted various sub-groups among its members, including the Justice Society of America, the Seven Soldiers of Victory, the Freedom Fighters, and the Young All-Stars, as well as many unaffiliated heroes. The Squadron disbanded at the close of World War II.

A cosmic event known as the Crisis on Infinite Earths later merged the worlds of the Multiverse into one, resulting in a single universe. In this world, the original 1940s versions of Batman and Robin never existed. They are thus no longer considered All-Star Squadron members in the current DC Universe. A new 52-Earth Multiverse was later born from the similarly cosmic Infinite Crisis. It remains to be seen if a Batman served with the Squadron on the reborn Earth-2.

Appearances with BatmanEdit

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