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"The War of Lords and Owls, Part One"
All Star Western Vol 3-10 Cover-1
General Information
Series: All-Star Western
Issue Number: 10
First Published: June 27, 2012
Previous Issue: All-Star Western #9
Next Issue: All-Star Western #11


"The War of Lords and Owls, Part One"Edit

Part one of a story exposing the beginning of a battle for GOTHAM CITY between THE COURT OF OWLS and THE CRIME BIBLE! TALLULAH BLACK is back!

"Unholy Matrimony"Edit

And in a new BAT LASH backup story illustrated by legendary artist JOSE LUIS GARCIA-LOPEZ, an outraged father is accusing Bat of tarnishing the honor of his twin daughters – and he’s making his case with a double-barreled shotgun!


"The War of Lords and Owls, Part One"Edit



"Unholy Matrimony"Edit



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