Alysia Yeoh
Alysia Yeoh
General Information
Real name: Alysia Yeoh
First Appearance: Batgirl #1 (September, 2011)
Created by: Gail Simone
Ardian Syaf
Affiliations: Barbara Gordon
Abilities: None
Portrayed by: None

A self described activist, Alysia Yeoh is Barbara Gordon's roommate in Gotham City.


When Barbara Gordon decides it is time to move out of her father's home. Barbara moves in with Alysia thanks to a roommate posting on "Greg's List". Alysia, who is of Singaporean descent, described herself as somewhat of an activist painter, when she's not at her night job bar tending. Though only knowing Barbara for a very brief amount of time, she shows a very outgoing personality and is almost instantly warmly receptive of her new roommate.

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