"You are a vicious bastard, Rotelli and... I'm glad you're dead!"
―The Joker to Antoine Rotelli's charred corpse.[src]

Antoine Rotelli was a crime lord. After The Joker murdered Carl Grissom and took over his empire, he called the other crime lords for a meeting, while he still used his former identity as "Jack Napier". Rotelli was suspicious of the Joker because of his funny grin and did not want to take orders from him.

As a result, the Joker offered to shake Rotelli's hand and that would have been it. Rotelli was killed by the Joker, after he was electrocuted by Joker's joy buzzer, which sent 40,000 volts through him, burned the skin off his face, and revealed Rotelli's skull. The Joker cracked jokes and laughed at his demise both during and after his death, which caused the rest of the mob bosses to refer to him as crazy. Going by what Joker stated after he killed him when deciding via Rotelli's corpse's "suggestion" to "grease" the remaining members of the summit, Rotelli was apparently a very ruthless person.

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