Arctic World
Batman Returns Artic World
General Information
Official name: Arctic World
Created by: Bo Welch
First Appearance: Batman Returns
Country: United States of America
Locale: Gotham City

Arctic World was a section at the abandoned Old Zoo. The underground portion of Arctic World served as The Penguin's hideout. It included a statue of a seal, a giant birdcage and a skylight.

Enter the PenguinEdit

After Oswald Cobblepot was abandoned by his parents, it was said that Arctic World was where he was raised.

Thirty three years later, Penguin sent the Red Triangle Circus Gang to ruin Gotham's Christmas celebration and to kidnap Max Shreck. Shreck fled for his life, but the Penguin pulled him into the sewers after he stood on top of a drain lid in an alley.

Later, Shreck was astounded to see a weird looking man staring at him who fed some Penguins. Penguin showed Shreck his special umbrellas and tried to negotiate a deal with him; he asked to help him find his parents and who he really was.

At first, Shreck refused, but Penguin told him that whatever secrets that he had in his company, he always discovered. Penguin made his point by showing Shreck a flask of waste from his sewage plant and said that there was a whole lagoon of it there, taped up shredded documents that showed evidence of Shreck's involvement and a dead hand from his late partner, Fred Atkins.

Shreck finally gave in and agreed to help the Penguin, who, in turn, helped him.

An Evil PlanEdit

Penguin found out that his parents were dead, his real name, Oswald Cobblepot, and he began to write lists of all the first-born sons in Gotham City. Penguin tried to become Mayor, but failed thanks to Batman.

BR Plotting Penguin

Penguin plotting with the Red Triangle Gang at Arctic World.

On the run from the law and hated by the public, Penguin escaped back to Arctic World and began to put his main plan into action to kill all of the first-born sons of Gotham. Penguin handed out all of the lists that he made to the Red Triangle Gang, but one of them, The Fat Clown, said that Penguin may have went too far.

Penguin responded by shooting him with one of his umbrellas and pushed him into the giant pool.

Later, the Penguin held Shreck hostage in a giant cage who attended his costume party. Penguin had intended to kidnap Shreck's son, Chip, but Shreck pleaded with him to take him instead.

While the Red Triangle Gang kidnapped the children, the Penguin pulled out another umbrella that played a hypnotic tune to lure the children to follow him to their deaths, he then told Shreck that he would join them in a pool of his own sewage.

Sometime later, The Organ Grinder's Monkey, arrived with a note. Penguin wondered where all of the children were, and took the note that said: "Dear Penguin, the children regret they are unable to attend. Batman". In a rage, Penguin realized that Batman once again, foiled his plans.

A Deadly BattleEdit

The Penguin decided that enough was enough and decided to put another plan into action. He called many of his Penguins together who had missiles attached to their backs and told them that the time had come to punish all of Gotham's children: male and female. He sent them away, and the Penguins willingly went.

The Penguin watched from a TV screen while The Poodle Lady was in an igloo control center relaying back the Penguins' progress.

Batman was in the Batskiboat going in the direction of the Penguin's Lair. He told Alfred Pennyworth to jam the signal that controlled the Penguins who were in Gotham Plaza, and were ready to attack.

The Penguin still watching the TV screen suddenly saw the Penguins moving out of Gotham Plaza while the Poodle Lady told him what happened, she also told him that something very fast was coming that way. Sure enough, at that moment. Batman followed the signal that came from the Penguin's Duck Car.

After he saw the rest of the Red Triangle Gang flee, the Penguin rushed over to his Duck Car, grabbed another one of his umbrellas along the way, and drove to the surface. Batman followed Penguin by flying up to the surface, went straight through the walls of Arctic World at the top, and destroyed the Duck Car.

Batman vs Penguin 2

The Penguin battling Batman.

Batman got out and surveyed the wreckage, but the Penguin pounced on him, they began to fight. and Penguin unsheathed a sharp blade from the tip of his umbrella. Batman responded by taking out a remote control from his utility belt, which caused all of the Penguins to appear at the zoo.

The Penguin was shocked and furious. He then viciously swiped his umbrella at Batman, however, he broke the blade when he accidentally hit the Duck Car wreckage, but managed to knock the control out of Batman's hand.

After Penguin grinned with triumph, he picked up the remote control and pressed the glowing red button, which caused the Penguin's missiles to fire. A huge flock of bats suddenly flew out of the Batskiboat and surrounded the Penguin, and he fell through the main glass window of Arctic World and into the water below. Meanwhile, the Penguins continued to fire their missiles, which destroyed the outside of Penguin's Lair and everything around it.

Shreck and CatwomanEdit

BR Catwoman and Shreck

Catwoman trying to kill Shreck at Arctic World.

Shreck managed to escape from his cage by tricking the monkey who guarded him to give him the keys. Just as Shreck escaped, a whip wrapped around his foot and dragged him into the water below. Schrek saw a gun near the Fat Clown that the Penguin had killed earlier, and grabbed it before Catwoman took him out and hurled him against a wall.

Shreck tried to discuss a deal with that odd stranger, but she revealed that all she wanted was his blood, a die for a die because she had a grudge against him for killing her earlier. Batman suddenly appeared by using his Line Launcher to land where Catwoman and Shreck stood and attempted to arrest him, but Catwoman stopped him.

Batman tried to reason with her and they both took off their masks and revealed their true identities: Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. Shreck decided to kill them both and first shot Bruce and then Selina who said that she had the nine lives of a cat until he ran out of bullets.

Selina laughed and pulled out a taser while Shreck was against a huge generator that controlled Arctic World's air conditioning, put her mouth to it and then pressed it against his own mouth. They disappeared in an explosion of bright sparks and a massive chain reaction destroyed the air conditioning and the interior of Arctic World.

The End of the PenguinEdit

Meanwhile, the last of the missiles finished leaving the surface of the Old Zoo a wasteland and the Penguin suddenly emerged from the water where he fell. Penguin was badly injured: he was losing a great amount of blood, and was weakened by the toxic water and the sudden change in temperature. Penguin looked at his destroyed lair and moved slowly to the place where his umbrellas were kept.

Batman, meanwhile, searched the wreckage of the electrical generator and found Shreck's corpse all burned up and charred and continued to look for Catwoman.

BR Penguin burial

The Penguin's Burial by Emperor Penguins.

Suddenly, at the last second, Batman saw the Penguin grabbing one of his umbrellas and trying to kill him once and for all. Fortunately, the Penguin chose the wrong umbrella and finally collapsed to the ground dead.

A group of Emperor Penguins suddenly appeared and Batman watched as they pushed Penguin's corpse back into the water as his eternal resting place.

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