Arkham Episodes are short DLC campaigns that take place before and after Batman: Arkham Knight. They focus on different characters.


Arkham EpisodesEdit

Harley Quinn Story PackEdit

Before Arkham Knight, Harley Quinn was hired by Penguin and Scarecrow to rescue Poison Ivy.

Red Hood Story PackEdit

Batgirl: A Matter of FamilyEdit

GCPD LockdownEdit

After Arkham Knight, Nightwing has to prevent Penguin from leaving GCPD. The DLC was released on September 28th, 2015.

Catwoman's RevengeEdit

A Flip of a CoinEdit

Revenge on the Red HoodEdit


  • The Arkham Episodes were rumored to be called Gotham City Stories.
  • Starting with a November update, Harley Quinn, Red Hood and Batgirl will be available in all challenge maps by getting their respective story packs and all of the Arkham Episodes now come with two extra challenge maps.

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