Bat-Credit Card
General Information
First Appearance: Batman & Robin
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Type: Credit Card
Used by: Batman
"Never leave the Cave without it."
―Batman to Robin.[src]

The infamous Bat-Credit Card was a credit card that Batman used when he needed monetary transactions.

Batman used it in Batman & Robin to offer $7 million for Poison Ivy.


  • The "Bat-Credit Card" was often seen as the worst element of Batman & Robin. The internet celebrity, the Nostalgia Critic (Doug Walker), did a review on Batman & Robin, and the mere sight of the "Bat-Credit Card" sent his character into a homicidal rant. Mentions of it in later episodes caused the Nostalgia Critic to fire his gun around wildly. It became one of the most famous gags that was performed by the Nostalgia Critic, and he reacted violently every time a reference was made to it.
    • Walker later explained that the reason for disliking the Bat-Credit Card was because of the fact that Batman, as a superhero, needed to keep his identity hidden. In order to get a credit card, Batman would have to give away information, such as his name and Social Security Number, and thus, reveal his identity.
    • Linkara (Lewis Lovhaug), however, during his review of the comic book adaptation (in which the Nostalgia Critic had a cameo in), argued that because Batman was rich, he was able to get away with Bat Credit Card by funneling his money through shell companies and false identities. That revelation even shocked the Nostalgia Critic who was then told to get into the corner.
  • The Bat Credit Card's Expiration Date was "Forever", which linked to Batman & Robin's predecessor's title: Batman Forever.


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