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The Batcave
General Information
Official name: The Batcave
Created by: Anton Furst (Batman)
Bo Welch
Rick Heinrichs (Batman Returns)
First Appearance: Batman
Country: United States of America
Locale: Gotham City

The Batcave was Batman's underground base of operations, and secondary home where he could find solitude.

First discovering the cave system below Wayne Manor when he fell into them as a child, Bruce Wayne would return to the caves after his decision to model his crime fighting persona after a bat. Initially only using the caves to store his equipment, he eventually began constructing a secret headquarters within the caves to better operate independently and in secret.



The first section of the cave shown in Batman is Bruce's computer work station, which he uses to view recordings made of various conversations within Wayne Manor during a charity ball. The cave is later fully revealed when he, as Batman, brings Vicki Vale to the cave following an escape from the Joker.

Accessed via a retractible wall along a country road, the Batmobile is parked on a turntable platform overlooking a man-made abyss of concrete and pipes, the cave's power switch located next to the platform. Several ramps wind through the cave from the platform, leading to Bruce's elevated work station, the vault holding the film's Batsuit and various other unspecified machinery. An additional work station is also shown, possessing analysis equipment while Bruce attempts to locate the Joker's headquarters.

Batman ReturnsEdit

Like the Batsuit, the Batcave has undergone an update since its previous appearance in Batman. Now stretched across a large chasm, Bruce has spread his work stations over various rock platforms, the primary of which holds his main computer work station, which has now been stretched out across two large circular terminals. Across from the primary platform is the Batmobile's "docking area", which acts as its parking and repair area after narrowly escaping a potential trap by the Penguin. The vault holding the Batsuit is now carved into one of the cave walls, with a draw-bridge-like door allowing or disallowing access to the vault from the cave's primary platform.

The cave is shown to be accessible via a large staircase or via a hidden chute in an iron maiden, which is activated by throwing a small switch hidden in a fish tank replica of Wayne Manor in the manor's foyer.



Batman ReturnsEdit



  • The Batcave in Batman was noted for possessing live bats on the cave set.
  • The idea of a hologram entrance to the batcave is taken from Frank Miller's Dark Knight series.

Batman ReturnsEdit

  • Although it would make various guest and honorary appearances in future media, the Batmobile's last live-action scene was of it in pieces, being repaired by Bruce in its docking area in the cave in Batman Returns.
  • Alfred's allowance of Vicki Vale entering the cave in Batman is commented on by Bruce in Batman Returns, citing the event wryly as a doubt he has on Alfred's seriousness over security and secrecy.

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