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The Batcave
Batcave (The Batman) 02
General Information
Official name: Batcave
Created by: Batman and Lucius Fox
First Appearance: The Batman
Galaxy: Milky way
Star System: Solar system
Planet: Earth
Country: United States
State: New Jersey
Locale: Gotham City


The Batcave is located deep beneath Wayne Manor, and acts as The Batman's secret base of operations, holding all his equipment, vehicles, costumes and of course, The Batwave. Among the vast reaches of the cave include a trophy room, a gathering of souvenirs The Batman has collected since he began fighting crime, a lab and holding cells for anyone Batman feels is too dangerous to allow occupancy in Arkham or jail. The cave also has easy access to Wayne Manor. It includes a Batcomputer and many artifacts from all the enemies that Batman defeats. There are many entrances to Wayne Manor from it like a bookcase, a grandfather clock and a video game machine.

Trophy RoomEdit

Batcave (The Batman) Trophy Room 01

The Trophy Room.

The following is a list of the items on display in the trophy room collection:

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