"A Knight Alone: Part Five"Edit

David cain wakes up in a hospital after his ordeal with batman. He asks the man guarding him for something to drink the man decides to kill him. True to form Cain kills him and the other guards and makes his way to a bar to have that drink he originally wanted.

He then proceeds to give a very different account of what happened between him and batman, culminating in batman's death. He ditches the girl he was telling the story and runs to his place. he kills the men there demanding the tapes of cassie that he had. They are all he has left of his daughter. When he hears they were sent to gotham he follows. He doesn't kill anyone and manages to get the tapes then he runs into batgirl. She goes to town on him and he doesn't fight back he tells her he hasn't killed anyone and just wants his tapes, she lets him have them, he tells her he's sorry and she waves to him with a longing feeling. Both miss each other.


"A Knight Alone: Part Five"Edit