"A Knight Alone: Part Seven"Edit

A government agent has gained tapes of an unmasked Cassandra doing battle with agents,reviewing her skills believing her to be a Meta-human.Meanwhile a scientist proves otherwise due to her lack of a meta-gene,while trying to find her identity through the master genetics database as they fail.Meanwhile Cassandra sees of the rescued sniper before returning to the clocktower only to be chastised by Oracle for battling the government agents out of costume,who alerts her that they have her identity so she can never do anything normal. Cassandra however doesn't feel this to be a problem as her only desire in life is to be Batgirl,before heading to bed.When she awakens Batman has arrived bringing Batgirl with him to the lair of a hit-squad, revealing they had murdered her friend after he made a phone call to his mother.

Batman then lets the uncostumed Cassandra have the killers to herself, viciously beating them while asking for details of her friend's last words. Batman then takes Cassandra to a batcave, letting her know it is now where she lives because of the potential danger her revealing her identity could place Oracle in.


"A Knight Alone: Part Seven"Edit