"Fists of Fury: Part One"Edit

A priest begins a shooting spree in an apartment building, killing several and preparing for even more until Batgirl arrives defeating him.While being taken into police custody he expresses surprise at being their,when the police are fired upon by another man who attempts to use a grenade to blow them up until being stopped by Batgirl.She then sees a man with a strange device on a roof and attempts to stop him but is knocked unconscious until being found by Batman who reveals it's the Joker responsible for the lunatics as Cassandra doubts this.The duo then heads to an amusement park with Batgirl guarding the door as Batman goes in only to be shot and killed as the Joker attempts to flee from Batgirl.She then captures him and prepares to kill him,until she awakens from her dream.

She then confronts the man who reveals his invention manipulates brain waves to create a scenario in which killing is okay. He then lets Cassandra know that her creating a scenario was instantaneous while the veteran and priest took a significantly longer time. Meanwhile Batman finds Batgirl to let her know he is leaving Gotham to deal with a prison riot much to Batgirl's worry.


"Fists of Fury: Part One"Edit