"Death Wish: Part One"Edit

Batgirl is fighting some street thug who just tried to rob a woman, Strangely he lands a hit, much to batman's surprise and the reader. Bruce takes her back to her base and goes through some katas with her and everything is executed perfectly. Bruce wonders if she is bored or tired of their "mission" she's not. Oracle interrupts with news of her file footage and blood sample from a few issues back. Bruce has her go and in Cassie fashion she does things in ways other would consider hard. She copies a guards card right of his back, reattaches it in blinding speed, evades thirty two security cameras like they weren’t there destroys the file footage and retrieves her blood sample, starts a fire to cover her exit and rushes back to Gotham because Batman needs her.

Bruce and Oracle have a talk about Bruce treating her like a female him. Bruce argues that they both have the same drive to protect people and Gotham, Barbera argues that as a young girl she needs more than darkness and fighting to be a working human being. Bruce doesn’t see anything wrong and him and oracle continue to debate.

Cassie meanwhile in the sewers approaches the light from a manhole as a vampire would. longingly and when she reaches it the brightness and sheer “otherworldlyness” of it bathes over her.

Later she returns to Bruce with a rose, delicate and beautiful. Bruce calls her away from the rose and to deal with Agent Masters. She reaches the man and using her intricate skill sneaks up on him and avoids six bullets fired from a magnum revolver at point blank range and takes him out. Later she returns to the rose and is fascinated by it. Oracle calls her away to a day in the sun, over some coffee. Cassie obliges and she and oracle have a talk about justice after the talk she shows oracle the dying rose. Oracle quickly snatches it and places it in water explaining to Cassie that a rose needs sunlight and water to stay alive and grow. They then enjoy the beautiful day together.


"Death Wish: Part One"Edit