"Death Wish: Part Two"Edit

Cassandra is awoken by a nightmare of Batman finding out the truth of her past, before heading out on patrol for the evening.She then busts into a warehouse to take down some thugs who are preparing to murder a man, as they work together to defeat the men. Robin then gives her a tracer so that she can trace the assassin as Robin follows to find the boss. The two end up meeting back up as the assassin returns in order to get the money he was promised, as they split up to find the assassin who has taken the man's daughter as a hostage. The two then split up before Batgirl is shot, due to the killers cybernetics aiming for him preventing her body reading from working.

The assassin then calls to set up ransom demands,as the two take down the assassin before he is able to murder the girl. Afterwards Tim and Cass talk on a rooftop as Tim talks about being intimidated by Cassandra before apologizing and asking for her friendship.


"Death Wish: Part Two"Edit