"Death Wish: Part Three"
General Information
Series: Batgirl
Death Wish
Issue Number: 19
First Published: October 2001
Previous Issue: Batgirl #18
Next Issue: Batgirl #20


"Death Wish: Part Three"Edit

A convicted felon nearing execution has only two hours left to live,meanwhile Batgirl foils a robbery while vowing no one will die tonight as she sees the news coverage for the execution.Meanwhile at the prison the inmate is led to the gas chamber which will end his life as Batgirl races to the chamber freeing him to keep her vow.She however is confronted by the murder victims mother who appeals to Batgirl that even if he has changed her daughter remains dead. This effects Batgirl deeply as she leaves and allows the inmate to be executed.


"Death Wish: Part Three"Edit



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