"Please Help Me Not To Die"Edit

Mobsters hold a woman at gun point and, no one is helping. A man who calls himself John sees whats happening on his way home to his family. He tells a man to call the police and goes to help the woman. By doing so he is held at gun point. Moments from having his head blown off, Batgirl arrives. She dispatches the mobsters and gives him his groceries and a kiss on the cheek for being so brave.

When Cassandra wakes up the next day Oracle wants her to tell her what happened but she can't due to her inability to talk. Oracle again tries to get her to read and write. When Cassandra sees the man she helped the night before on television. Oracle tells her he has been abducted and then she helps her track him down.

They realize the man who abducted John was a mobsters son and now that daddy is coming back the John will be killed. Cassandra finds the man and defeats his captors. The man has been mortally wounded however and they have no keys to escape the room. He drifts into and out of unconsciousness and Cassandra manages to break through the concrete wall with her body.

She carries him out and he manages to write a letter to his wife before dying. Cassandra defeats all the mobsters and the police arrive to take them into custody Cassandra gives John's wife the letter and finally understands the importance of writing and reading. She goes home and tries to write. she falls asleep working on it and Oracle comes in wondering why she is now ready to learn.


"Please Help Me Not To Die"Edit