"Auto Replay"
General Information
Series: Batgirl
Last Laugh
Fists of Fury
Issue Number: 21
First Published: December 2001
Previous Issue: Batgirl #20
Next Issue: Batgirl #22


"Auto Replay"Edit

Batgirl is intensely training having done so for hours, until Stephanie Brown arrives to get Cassandra who brings her back to Oracle's clock tower. Oracle then fills her in on the influx of jokerized super villains before forbidding her to go out, which she quickly agrees much to her surprise. Cassandra then heads to Oracle's holoroom to train, putting the settings up to maximum and breaking the room.The three are then confronted in the clock tower by the jokerized Shadow-Thief,before taking the Shadow-Thiefs sword battling him on the rooftop as Oracle shuts down her generators which powered the shadow kings device as she lands a huge blow to the villain.

Spoiler then comes to aid Batgirl only to find her over the villain's body as she tearfully asks for help. Stephanie then delivers CPR as Spoiler agrees not to tell Oracle of the accident, while Batgirl leaves and begins studying footage of Lady Shiva.


"Auto Replay"Edit



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