"Little Talk"
General Information
Series: Batgirl
Death Wish
Issue Number: 23
First Published: February 2002
Previous Issue: Batgirl #22
Next Issue: Batgirl #24


"Little Talk"Edit

After defusing a suicide bomber Cassandra Cain and Barbara Gordon have unsuccessful talk about being Batgirl. Cassandra leaves Barbara at her computer. Cassandra goes in to the Holo-room to watch a hologram Lady Shiva fight some monks. Then Cassandra fights Lady Shiva's hologram, and losses.

Meanwhile, Barbara and Batman have an unsuccessful talk about Cassandra's mental state. Once Cassandra emerges from the Holo-room Barbara askes her, "You'd tell me if you weren't alright?". Cassandra's only reply, "sure", and a big smile.


"Little Talk"Edit



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