"Is She Worthy Of The Costume?"Edit

Batman and Alfred are musing over the recording that Bruce received. Alfred through observation realizes that despite what the film shows the child on it had no idea what she was about to do. He even suggests that perhaps it is a simple forgery much like a computer whiz could create. Bruce accepts this as fact and starts the process of determining its authenticity. Dick Grayson and Oracle are discussing Cassandra on the phone and the problems Oracle is having living with someone who cant understand her. Cassandra comes in and decides to go out on patrol. Oracle tells her to be safe.

Cassandra rescues a man from some thugs and quickly dispatches them. The rescued man approaches her and he realizes she can't understand him so he touches her forehead with his finger and a jolt of telepathic awareness rocks her body. She can now understand and even think in English much to her surprise. Meanwhile, back at the Batcave, Batman's checks reveal the video to be real. Regretfully, he decides it's time he investigated a murder. He then heads for Macau. Batgirl and the telepath talk telepathically as he explains what he did to her and how he got his powers. She realizes that she still cant quite speak English however. Just then they are attacked and she springs into action. When she can't read her opponents movements she is defeated. Dazed she wonders what the hell is happening to her.


"Is She Worthy Of The Costume?"Edit