"The Righteous And The Profane"Edit

Batgirl wakes up dazed and confused along with the men she took out last issue. They try to shoot her and she manages to barley evade the shot and take them out. Everything about her is off. She cant read body language, her thoughts are inhibiting her speed and skill everything's been cut in half. She retrieves a tracker and races off to find the man. the though of him being dead because of her drives her forward.

Batman contacts robin who's finding out everything he can about the ten year old murder case involving David Cain and a young Cassandra. He finds out everything but cant find the coroners report its been stolen. Tim's keen brain realizes that this all has something to do with Batgirl. Batman orders him to find the grave location and let him have it.

Cassandra goes back to oracle for help but can verbalize what has occurred. She manages to sign enough for oracle to realize that Cassie can now understand her. She is very happy and fixes the tracking device for Cassie before she departs.

At an unknown location Batman confronts David Cain who reveals that the footage is real, and the reason that Cassie ran away and was so driven to protect the innocent was because of her guilt over killing. Cain laments that she was too young and his haste cost him the girl. Cain also reveals that millions have been placed on the head of a local man in Gotham, the same man Cassie is helping. Cain reveals that every criminal in Gotham will soon be out in full force to collect the bounty. Batman races back to Gotham.

Cassie tracks down the man as the woman who beat her last time demands he erase her memory, he cant however as she subconsciously does not want him to she prepares to shoot him, Cassie cant throw the batarang with precision anymore so she races for the gun itself. She manages to reach right as the gun goes off. The woman is knocked unconscious and Cassie is happy that the shot missed by an inch. She ask him to return her to her normal way of being but he reveals he cant. Batman then arrives and tells them to stay close to him as things are about to get ugly.


"The Righteous And The Profane"Edit