"Collateral Damage"Edit

Batman saves a woman from a sniper who is holding the street on behalf of what was Lew Moxon's gang. She then makes her way to Leslie Thompkins' clinic and asks her if she's seen Spoiler. Leslie has not, and asks Batgirl to leave her to her work. Meanwhile, Tommy Elliot offers to tell Black Mask where to find the Batcave. Within minutes of Batgirl and Leslie's conversation, the clinic is attacked by Lynx and the Ghost Dragons, who plan to have the clinic as their own personal medical facility. Leslie refuses, and Batgirl comes to the clinic's defence. She fights off the Ghost Dragons, but in the process, one of them accidentally decapitates Lynx. Leslie is furious that Batman's violent world has spilled over into her clinic, and demands that Batgirl leaves once more.


"Collateral Damage"Edit