"Following Footsteps"Edit

Following Spoiler's funeral, Batman requested Batgirl to go to Blüdhaven to help Robin. She arrives just in time to save her crime-fighting colleague from Shrike, and the newxt day the two of them visit police Captain Amy Rohrbach to try to get her co-operation with their investigation into rumours that Blockbuster is not as dead as previously thought. Amy and Gannon Malloy confirm that Blockbuster's body disappeared from the morgue, and they tell the heroes where to find Calvin Westbrook, Blockbuster's attorney. What Batgirl and Robin don't know is that Ronrbach and Malloy have Commissioner Addad's support in co-operating with them. The two of them arrive at Westbrook's mansion, and once they take out the very few guards, they are confronted by Blockbuster...


"Following Footsteps"Edit