"Silent Running: Conclusion"Edit

David Cain laughs after Batman leaves and dumps the alcohol into the sink. He has played the part of the loving drunk father well. He says that batman doesn't realize the girl is just like him after all that's what he made her. Batgirl is enjoying the thrill of knowing all the names of the places in gotham city its like the whole world has changed and become different. She is unaware however that Batman has checked in on her from the shadows, her body and mind are off. Batman explains to Jeffers that he is very safe with batgirl on watch duty, he reveals his origins and what he did to batgirl. Worried batman runs to her aid. A bunch of thugs attack and cassie has a harder time than normal dealing with them but manages to win anyway. One of the men shoots his partner and so batgirl stops his heart for a few seconds so he can realize what eh did. Batman is horrified. He send her to guard jeffers and not to teach any more lessons. Batgirl gets the doctor who changed jeffers and takes him to the meeting point with batman, he orders her to stay inside with the men. Inside she wonders why he wont let her help. Men attack form the opposite side of the cabin so she attacks. She defeats them but when she stands between a gun man and his own man she has no choice but to take a few shots to put an end to him. Batman comes to her aid.


"Silent Running: Conclusion"Edit