"Into the Light"
General Information
Series: Batgirl
Kicking Assassins
Issue Number: 61
First Published: April 2005
Previous Issue: Batgirl #60
Next Issue: Batgirl #62


"Into the Light"Edit

When Batgirl goes to the local café for some tea, she discovers that McSweeny Realty, who have sold many local properties, are trying topressure the owner, Brenda Miller, into selling as well. Of more immediate importance, though, is the arms shipment that the Penguin is apparently receiving. Batgirl discovers that someone has been posing as a customs official, and encounters this person - Gemini - aboard the dead official's houseboat. She soon finds herself up against Gemini, Mallah and the Brain, odds which are too high for her, and she is left for dead, soon seeing an apparition of her late friend Stephanie, a.k.a. Spoiler.


"Into the Light"Edit



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