"A Knight Alone: Part Two"Edit

Batgirl tries to save the woman from last issue and gets smacked around by Shiva. Knowing Shiva cant resist a challenge she proposes one and shiva graciously accepts. She cant land a single hit on shiva. Her ability to read people's body language is still gone, cassie realizes however that shiva possesses the same ability.

Cassie is defeated and her shoulder dislocated in the process, shiva paralyzes her as well. She prepares for death and shiva delivers the final hit. her blood pools on the floor as shiva leaves. Casiie even has a flash back to her own kill when she was a little girl before the final blow.

Cassie wakes up in an ambulance, she grabs her clothes and jumps out into traffic. She realizes she has shiva's jewelry so she returns to the scene of the battle hoping shiva will return despite common sense saying she should flee.

Shiva returns and says she's very disappointed with cassie as she heard so much about her vaunted skill but she held back. She request her jewelry and cassie is free to go. Cassie decides to put up a fight to shiva's amusement. In the end Cassie plays possum and sucker punches shiva noting that just like shiva she is unaccustomed to losing. She leaves Shiva unconscious on the roof.


"A Knight Alone: Part Two"Edit