"A Knight Alone: Part Three"Edit

Batgirl is training with batman and again she gets the tar beat out of her. He tells her to keep training and eventually she will be good enough for the cape. She asks how long, he says in a year he would be ready for the mantle and to be like him perhaps ten years. She thinks how David made her perfect in eight.

She returns to oracle digested with the news, she asks oracle to send message to her. Batman meanwhile returns to cain's hideout to observe the training cain gave cassie. What he finds is madness. Cassie gets shot out from behind by cain. she takes one shot before defeating him and dodging all the bullets. David greets batman and reveals cassi is special she took to the training especially well as he had tried other kids but it never worked. Batman says eh came there to carry cain to prison cain says he left no evidence as usual so batman instead came to beat him up.

Cassie meets with lady shiva on a rooftop she thanks her for coming but shiva stars attacking. Cassie eventually manages to ask shiva to retrain her in her original skill of body language reading. Shiva agrees and that she can do it quite quickly, her payment will be a duel to the death with cassie in one year time. Cassie thinks it over perfect for a year or a life time of mediocrity. She accepts though she has already decided she won kill shiva.

Back at the batcave batman and cassie are worried when they see the bruises on each other. Cassie tells batman she is now ready for him. he attacks and she easily predicts his movements. he is shocked at how quickly she has returned to normal. Cassie grabs her cape adn cowl and tells batman she has given it her all just like he suggested.


"A Knight Alone: Part Three"Edit