"A Night On the Town"
Batman Arkham City 04
General Information
Series: Batman: Arkham City
Issue Number: 4
First Published: September, 2011
Previous Issue: Batman: Arkham City #3
Next Issue: Batman: Arkham City #5


"A Night On the Town"Edit

When Batman attempts to return to Arkham City, he is attacked and cornered by highly-trained TYGER units, meant specifically to match him move-to-move. Nearly defeated, Batman is rescued by Catwoman, who is in Arkham to steal valuables and make strong allies (in this case, Poison Ivy, who she had freed from a prison transport).

Soon afterwards, Batman tracks down and interrogates a TYGER guard, who reveals that Sharp - and, in turn, both Gotham and Arkham City - is controlled by Hugo Strange. Elsewhere in the city, Joker is trying to prolong his inevitable fate by seeing a string of doctors.


"A Night On the Town"Edit





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