Batman: Funhouse of Fear
Batman Funhouse of Fear
Author Constance V Hatch
Illustrator Walter Howarth
Publication date 1989
Published by Ladybird Books

Batman: Funhouse of Fear was a small book published in 1989. It was the second book from a series of four to be published by Ladybird Books.


This was the introduction inside the book:

"When the Joker captures the Commissioner of Police, Batman goes to the rescue. But the Joker has laid many traps along the way... he is out to get the Caped Crusader."


The Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker has kidnapped Commissioner Gordon and taken him to his Funhouse hideout in an abandoned amusement park. Batman comes to the rescue and finds that his arch-nemesis has left a few nasty surprises for him...


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