Batman Knightfall (Audio CD)

Cover of the Audio CD version

Batman: Knightfall was a BBC Audio Drama based on the comic series of Batman: Knightfall. It was first broadcasted on BBC Radio 1 in 1994 on April 11th and finished on July 22nd. It was later published on audio cassettes and CDs. As was named in the US as "Batman: The Knighfall Saga".


(Taken from the Audio CD)

"In this thrilling Radio Drama, Batman has been crippled by his fiercest foe ever: Bane, a villain of Superhuman strength, cunning and evil."


(Taken from the Audio CD)

"Gotham City is reeling from the shocking news that Batman has been confined to a wheelchair. Who will now protect the innocent from thedangerous inmates of Arkham Asylum, whom Bane released? A new hero-Azrael-takes up the mantle of the Bat. But Azrael is a more brutal Batman than Bruce Wayne, and far more eager to punish the guilty rather than protect the innocent. Will he destroy Gotham City in order to save it?




Michael Gough who played Bruce Wayne's loyal butler and guardian in the Burton/Schumacher Batman movies reprised his role as the voice of Alfred Pennyworth.

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