Batman: Shadow of the Bat #1: The Last Arkham (Part I) is the first issue of the Batman: Shadow of the Bat comic book series.


Jeremiah Arkham administers the final renovations for Arkham Asylum. Construction workers under Hiram Contractors dispense with various debris and bric-a-brac from the old rooms. After ordering the workers to burn the old files and needless refuse, Jeremiah reflects upon the events that first drove him towards his chosen vocation. He then makes the rounds, inspecting various patients such as Cornelius Stirk, the Scarecrow and Everard Mallitt. Arkham then leads several orderlies to inspect the asylum's more dangerous patients. The first is Mister Zsasz, a deranged serial killer. Zsasz surprises Jeremiah by asking him if he has inherited the same mania that once claimed his uncle Amadeus. Even more bizarre than Zsasz however is Arkham's most recent patient -- Batman. Chained to a wall while still garbed in his costume, the Batman shouts at Arkham declaring, "I'm not insane!" Arkham is confident that through his therapeutic techniques, he will convince Batman to willingly unmask his true identity and abandon his life as the Dark Knight of Gotham.

Credits Edit

  • Story: Alan Grant
  • Pencils: Norm Breyfogle
  • Inks: Norm Breyfogle
  • Letters: Todd Klein
  • Colors: Adrienne Roy