Batman: Shadow of the Bat #2: The Last Arkham (Part II) is the second issue of the Batman: Shadow of the Bat comic book series.


The following takes place prior to the main story from Batman: Shadow of the Bat issue #1: Batman finds a young girl named Karen Spengler playing in a cemetery. Recognizing signs of abuse, he escorts her back home. When they arrive though, Batman discovers that her parents and brother have been brutally murdered. A vagrant is found at the scene and questioned by police. Batman recognizes the handiwork being similar to that of serial killer Mister Zsasz. Consulting with Commissioner Gordon, they both decide to take a ride out to Arkham Asylum to verify that Zsasz is still incarcerated. They meet hospital administrator Jeremiah Arkham who provides Batman and Gordon with a tour of the facility. Batman knows that Zsasz's M.O. required him to scar his own flesh after each new kill. A full body examination reveals no new scarring, but they neglect to check the bottom of Zsasz's feet. They entertain the notion that a copycat killer might be responsible for the Spengler deaths, but Batman hasn't ruled Zsasz out as a suspect. Zsasz gloats at them and gives Batman a verbal cue about an "innocent babe" that makes Batman suspect him even more. However, he needs to determine how Zsasz escaped from Arkham, but moreover, if he did escape -- why did he come back? Returning to the city, Batman and Gordon meet up with Detective Stanley Kitch who discover two more victims of the Zsasz-style killings. Two students are found dead in their apartment having apparently been killed several hours prior to the Spengler murders. Without warning, Batman snaps, leaping upon Detective Kitch, beating upon him repeatedly until he is seemingly dead. Gordon manages to lay him out with the handle of his pistol, then arranges to have Batman taken to Arkham. That evening, Batman's former partners, Nightwing and Robin learn of the incident. Nightwing refuses to believe that Batman is a killer and decides to investigate on his own. At Arkham, Batman is placed inside a maximum-security cell.

Credits Edit

  • Story: Alan Grant
  • Pencils: Norm Breyfogle
  • Inks: Norm Breyfogle
  • Letters: Todd Klein
  • Colors: Adrienne Roy