"Breaking Point"Edit

Commissioner Gordon attends to a hostage situation in a jewelry store. After his son's death, Gordon has been pushed to the breaking point. The way he sees it, Gotham City took his wife, his daughter's legs and his son's life. He also is aware that Clayface has returned.

As Gordon arrives at the store, Lieutenant Bullock informs him that the hostage takers have captured a security guard. Taking a loudspeaker, Gordon offers himself as a hostage if they let the guard go. The robbers agree and the guard is released. However, before Gordon enters the store, he duct-tapes his guns to his back.

As soon as he enters the store, Gordon brutally shoots the robbers dead. In that moment, Batman enters the store and is appalled at Gordon's actions. Gordon shoots him, but Batman dodges the bullets and hits him in the face. "Gordon" is revealed to be Clayface. Batman is surprised that Clayface killed his own men and Clayface takes the form of Natalya to temporarily distract Batman while he escapes.

Batman leaves as soon as Bullock and the other cops enter the store. The cops discover remnants of Clayface, realizing Gordon was never present. Meanwhile, Clayface has disguised himself as a person within the crowd to escape silently.

In the Batcave, Bruce and Alfred try find out where the real Gordon. They believe that Clayface disguised himself as Gordon in order to frame him for the theft, but since Batman foiled that plan, the real Gordon is no longer useful to Clayface.

Meanwhile, Gordon has been tied down to a chair in an abandoned theater. As he attempts to cut himself loose, he finds a swarm of bats and a searchlight.

Trying to find a way to defeat. Bruce tells Alfred to talk to Lucius to see if they can improve the laser cage technology they used to imprison Clayface when he attacked Wayne Enterprises. Bruce is also confused about how did Clayface know about Natalya. He is still grieving for what happened to her but refuses to talk about it. As he leaves the computer to process the information he find, Bruce sees through the window and watches a large bat emblem in the sky. Gordon had used the searchlight in order to call for help.

Using the Batplane, Batman goes to the signal's source and finds Gordon. He also discovers that the theater is one of Clayface's safe houses. They take whatever info they can use against him and leave on the Batplane.

However, Clayface, disguised as a woman, has seen them.


"Breaking Point"Edit