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"A Rising Star of Red!"
Batman The Dark Knight Vol 2-23.1 Cover-1
General Information
Series: The Dark Knight
Issue Number: 23.1
First Published: September 4, 2013
Previous Issue: The Dark Knight #22
Next Issue: Mr. Freeze #1


"A Rising Star of Red!"Edit

The origin of the Ventriloquist is revealed! One of them has powerful telekinesis and the other is a cold blooded murderer but who’s the real dummy in this act?


"A Rising Star of Red!"Edit


  • The Ventriloquist (Shauna Belzer) (Flashback and Main Story)
  • Ferdie
  • Denise (Dies in this issue)
  • Denny (Dies in this issue)
  • Rita (Dies in this issue)
  • Arthur (Dies in this issue)
  • Miss Featherstone (Appears as corpse only)
  • Terrance (Dies in this issue)
  • Tracy (Dies in this issue)
  • Sandy (Dies in this issue)
  • Jasper the cat (Dies in this issue)
  • Mr. Belzer (In Flashback Only)
  • Mrs. Belzer (In Flashback Only)
  • Ferdie Belzer (Dies in flashback)
  • Max (Dies in this issue)
  • Zed (Dies in this issue)
  • Rainbow Rodney (In Flashback Only)



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