"The Final Curtain"Edit

On Harmon Island, Batman struggles to escape the brutal attacks of Bane, whose new version of Venom makes him both stronger and smarter. Fortunately, he manages to evade Bane long enough to hide in the nearby lab. Despite the need to stop Bane, Batman's first priority is getting any innocents off of the island. In the lab, he discovers that Poison Ivy has been captured and encased in a glass tube. After she is freed, Ivy explains that there is an antidote to the new Venom, based on the virgin star cactus. Fortunately Batman has already produced this, but he will have some trouble using it on Bane, because it needs to be ingested orally to work.

Bane soon discovers where Batman is, demonstrating surprising strength and agility in pummelling the man whose back he once broke.

Meanwhile, Superman attempts to encourage Flash to increase his adrenaline until he burns out the toxin in his system, rather than merely preventing his body from metabolizing it. Flash has been running for two days straight, and he's beginning to run out of energy. Despite this, he manages to hit his adrenal peak, and prevent the toxin from gaining a foothold in his metabolism. Despite Superman's urging him to get to a hospital, Flash is determined to help Batman.

With Batman weakened, Bane drags him to the edge of a cliff overlooking the water. He dares Batman to admit that he fears him, that he fears being broken again by someone stronger and smarter than he. As Bane raises him over his head, Batman struggles to use the antidote, but in his weakness, he drops it. Fortunately, Flash arrives just in time, and tosses the vial back to Batman, who thrusts it down Bane's throat.

As the antidote takes effect, Batman shoves Bane over the edge of the cliff, and he falls onto the rocks below. He disappears as the waves wash over him, and Batman is sure that he will return.

Later, Bruce leaves a message on Jaina Hudson's machine, apologizing for his inability to meet with her that week. Soon, the White Rabbit appears, and it becomes clear that Jaina and the White Rabbit are one and the same.


"The Final Curtain"Edit