"Golden Dawn, Part Three"Edit

Ragman attacks a hobo in the Narrows. Then, Etrigan appears and fights him. Ragman retreats, knowing that Etrigan lost his status. The hobo thanks Etrigan for saving him, but Etrigan kills him.

The unnamed girl tries to drive the Batmobile, but fails. Suddenly, Alfred speaks through the Batmobile's comm channel to help her.

Commissioner Gordon and Detective Gordon have dinner in a restaurant. Gordon says that since Forbes replaced him as the head of the Dawn Golden case, perhaps it is time for him to retire. Then, Forbes appears and taunts Gordon. Their discussion becomes physical, forcing two offices to restrain Forbes.

In the abandoned building, Batman talks with Penguin through a TV screen, telling him to let Dawn go. But the Penguin refuses, saying that Dawn deserves to die. The Penguin tells Batman a story of when he met Dawn. The two danced together, but Dawn's friends appeared, and they had a man uglier than the last. This humilliated the Penguin. As he finishes his tale, the Penguin says that the bomb will go off in eight seconds. Killer Croc, believing that Penguin set him up, leaves. Batman frees himself from the restraints and manages to escape before the bomb goes off. He then finds some wires leading to a room.

Meanwhile, the girl manages to gain control of the Batmobile. Alfred tries to reason with her and understand why she stol the Batmobile, and the girl says that she had no choice. Alfred tells her that whoever told her to do this won't let her live, so the girl promises to leave the Batmobile wherever he tells him to.

In the abandoned building, Batman finds Dawn and manages to get her out of the building before it explodes. As he gets out, Batman finds the Batmobile nearby, with the girl running away. Instead of chasing after her, Batman chooses to get Dawn to a safe place.

In the hospital, Penguin talks to an unknown figure about their bargain. The figure, revealing himself to be the Joker, accepts but now he wants the Penguin to open the gates of hell.


"Golden Dawn, Part Three"Edit


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