"Golden Dawn, Part Four"Edit

Mira, the girl that stole the Batmobile, arrives to her neighborhood. Suddenly, she sees two thugs attacking an old man. The old man was supposed to pay the thugs large amount of money, which he earned by learning Wayne Industries's secrets. Scared, Mira runs home and gets to her basement. There, she checks her bag for an object, but she realizes she left it the Batmobile.

In the sewers of Gotham, Etrigan and Ragman continue their fight.

In the Batmobile, Dawn tells Batman about her father. Dawn says that as a young girl, she always felt lonely Her father treated her like a prisoner, saying that she had a greater purpose. Her father belonged to a hell-worshipping cult and Dawn always watched him perform dark magic rituals. Eventually, her father became too old to continue the rituals and on his deathbed, he tried to kill Dawn, saying that her greater purpose was to die so that he could become Hell's lord on Earth. However, Dawn escaped and left her father to die. As Dawn finishes her story, Batman says that her father can no longer hurt her, but Dawn says that she is still afraid of her father.

In the Gotham City Police Headquarters, Gordon sees that Forbes has taken over his office. Two officers then arrest Gordon under Forbes's orders, as Gordon has apparently been taking Venom.

Meanwhile, Batman and Dawn are almost to Dawn's apartment. Batman says that he will hand her to the police, but Dawn says that her father will find her. Scared of her father, Dawn begs Batman to protect her.

In the sewers, Etrigan's fight with Ragman is interrupted by Lady Blaze, who offers Etrigan join her and in exchange, she will restore his status in Hell. Despite Jason Blood's protests, Etrigan agrees.

In Dawn's apartment, Batman tells Dawn that he lost her amulet. Dawn is glad it's lost, however, saying that whenver she wore it, she felt she was not herself. One night after a party, she was on her limosine, but she suddenly discovered that her driver was Ragman. Scared and believing that it was her father, she kicked Ragman in the head, causing the limo to crash. She then allowed herself to be captured by Killer Croc, thinking that it was better than suffering her father's wrath. Batman tells her that she cannot run forever, an promises that they will end this together, once and for all.

Suddenly, an army of demons begin crawling towards the apartment.


"Golden Dawn, Part Four"Edit


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  • The original release date of this issue was March 30, 2011 but the issue was delayed and as a result the issues release date was changed.