General Information
Directed by: Lambert Hillyer
Produced by: Rudolph C. Flothow
Written by: Characters:
Bob Kane
Bill Finger (uncredited)
Victor McLeod
Leslie Swabacker
Harry L. Fraser
Music by: Lee Zahler
Duration: 260mins
Next Film: Batman and Robin

This is the first ever live-action production featuring the characters Batman, Robin, Alfred and Linda Page.


The film's plot dealt with Batman and Robin's struggle against Dr. Daka, a Japanese spy who invented a device that turns people into pseudo-zombies.

The plot of these serials adheres to common practices of U.S. wartime propaganda, as they were released during the height of American involvement in World War II. The plot asserts that Batman and Robin are on special assignment for the U.S. military and these serials feature a "Japanese" antagonist (Japan being one of the axis powers during the war).




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