Batman (1989 Movie Novelization)
Author Craig Shaw Gardner
Illustrator N/A
Publication date 1989
Pages 224
Published by Grand Central Publishing
ISBN 978-0446354875
"They turned off the Bat-Signal as the Sun set over Gotham City. A much quieter Gotham City. Down on the streets, music played, people laughed, life went on. And overhead, the gargoyles watched silently from the old Gotham Cathedral. Long ago, it was believed that gargoyles could protect a place from evil. One of the gargoyles moved. It was the Batman."

Novelization of the film, Batman. In instances of events and characters not seen in the film, and that do not contradict it, the novel is intended to expand upon its canon.

It was also used on an audio cassette for Dove Books read by Roddy McDowall.










Differences from the filmEdit

  • The deleted horse-riding scene at Wayne Manor with Bruce and Vicki (which the originally-cast Vicki Sean Young injured herself preparing for) is in the novelisation.
  • It is revealed when Batman enters Gotham Cathedral at story's end that he fights not to faint, and fades in and out of the present, thinking back on his parents' murders.

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